We Are a Live Orchestral Experience

For too long the beauty and power of an orchestra has existed on high, at a distance and out of reach for the everyday listener.


Designed to engage a festival crowd with music that will stop passers-by and turn them into intent listeners, new fans, and lifelong partners.


Orchestra360 is changing the way we experience music.



Our inaugural performance generated hundreds of new orchestra fans

September 29, 2022 at Scott Park in beautiful Easton, PA 


Proud to be part of the Live at the Falls concert series.






Orchestra360 delivers direct and rousing access to the artistry and emotive power of orchestral music. Curated specifically for an active listening experience, Orchestra360 seeks to thrill and surprise audiences by creating absolute accessibility to the talents of musicians and the inspiration of an orchestra as it is in the act of making music.  We love to perform at festivals and other events that have the potential to reach thousands of new fans.

Listen up close.

Sit next to the bassoonist.

Feel the timpani.

Joy. Wonder. Friends. Family.


 Core Values

Tom DiGiovanni conducting with a crowd sitting on a wall in the distance behind him


Cellos and Basses outdoors



Music For All – Transcend cultural differences through informal performance settings and a non-elitist mindset
Hearing Impaired – Customized synchronized digital visualizations for an immersive experience


Audience – Empower the listener through joy
Musicians – Provide them a place to celebrate their talent
Support System – Build trust with the people who nurture our orchestra


Artistic – High quality execution of high quality music
Financial – Sustain the mission through careful preparation and prudent spending


Apprentice Program – Young musicians perform with and learn from professionals
Audience – New life experiences transform thought and lead to action


There are infinite ways to enjoy orchestral music, and we would like to explore them all.

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